Banner time of year

Every year I seem to think I have the timing of the busy banner season hammered down, and every year it throws me off. It seems logical that November would be the busy season, with clients all preparing for the holidays. Then I would assume December would tail off as everything is already done and prepared and ready for trafficking. 2014 was like that. But this year November was the same as October which was the same as December. 2013 had a dead November, and a killer December.

I guess for freelancers it's not so much about time of year, but more on the particular clients you are working with that year, and their overflow.


How is it that compresses PNGs so much better than any other desktop based image compressor? Always thought ImageOptim was enough, but no. Always use as well.

SVG Exporting

Since SVGs don't animate well in older browsers (Specifically zooming), I've avoided using them in banners for a while, opting instead for retina sized PNGs. But Im warming up to them. Most clients are caring less and less about IE9, and I've found a few really good tools.

The first is something with Photoshop CC that I only recently discovered. It allows you to export SVGs from text layers without having to do any extra steps (except for converting to shape layers). Just turn on File>Generate>Image Assets. Then rename each layer xxxx.svg, and without any extra steps, wherever you have saved the PSD, a new folder will appear with a file for any layer named with a .svg extension. Explained much better here:

Also, I found a really good tool for compression SVGs. Give it a go here:

Adobe Animate

Edge is gone. Flash is back. Sort of. In IDE form. Same interface, and a decent export to HTML5. Still a massive javascript library download in the background though as with other WYSIWYG editors, and media companies never seem to know if that is allowed with the buy or not. DCM encourages it, but clients don't like to take the chance. So until that's sorted, it's going to be a struggle to figure out on each project if it's allowed or not.

In other words, it's going to be hand coding unless some sort of nasty animation is required. Then it's worth the fight to figure out if it can be used or not.

HTML5 Banners

The whole switch has not been as bad as I was expecting. Takes more work. Takes more time testing. Takes some more effort to get specs. And a few things here and there that I have to explain can't be done within the file size we have (which really is the same as Flash banners, just different things that can't be done). But overall, a banner is a banner. And Im a banner guy! Onwards!

Flash is dead. Coming from a Flash guy.

From a banner perspective, Flash was able to hang on for 5 years after officially being declared dead for the first time back in 2010.

And for 5 years, I kept having to explain to people that Flash Banners were here to stay until HTML5 could catch up, and ad agencies could justify the extra time, cost, and increased creative restrictions.

Well, with the Firefox security block, and Chrome's supposed click-to-play banner ads that started in September (Which I have yet to actually see happen), agencies finally freaked out back in August, and switched everything over to HTML5.

It's been a crazy few months. Especially finding media companies that truly understand what is going on and can provide accurate HTML5 specs. Considering they still had trouble with AS2 specs sometimes, I think it's going to be a challenge for a while. But Flash really now is officially done. Coming from a Flash guy, that means a lot.

I will truly miss it. It was my career for 10 years.

It had it's bumps - like the IDE's tendency to like some fonts but not others, or crashing at the worst possible time. But overall, it was a joy to code with, and made things that HTML5 has difficulty doing in small files sizes, like guide layers and non-square masks, much easier.

Rest in peace my friend.

Mantracker Episode Airs Monday Sept 25th at 6pm on OLN in Canada

Well finally, over a year after shooting, my episode is going to air on Monday! My brother Ryder and I saw a pre-release DVD yesterday, and were really happy with how it turned out!

For those who think reality TV is a sham, everything you see on the episode actually did happen. Of course a lot was cut out due to taking 2 days worth of film, and putting it into 45 minutes, but all the good parts are in there.

Hopefully everyone enjoys it!

FITC Toronto 2010

In the midst of Toronto FITC. As usual, sessions are hit or miss. So far, only one has kept my attention throughout the full hour. Last year was very good, but I fear this year is following the lines of 2008's quality.

So far, the underlying theme that I'm noticing is that there finally is a real drive towards mobile apps. Even though everyone here seems to be pushing the "other mobile platforms" so you can develop with Flash ... I'm starting to realize that I'm going to have to start learning Objective C.

I was also able to talk to a couple of the FDT Developers today - specifically Michael Plank - and I brought up my problems with FDT not being able to change the format of the method params to include a $, and also that whenever I close and re-open my class folders in the Explorer, all the sub folders that were open become closed. He seemed genuinely surprised at that one, so hopefully will be able to fix it in a future release.

Didn't win the National Geographic Photo Contest :(

Another non-Flash post today. Found out I didn't win the National Geographic Photo Contest with my photo from North Korea (See below). On the plus side, my photo got posted on, and it now seems to be on photo blogs everywhere. Getting some good comments as well, which I'm proud of.


Anywho, I'm back from vacation now, and ready to get back into the Flash swing of things.

FITC Toronto 2009 Videos are up

Unlike 2008, where it just seemed to be people only promoting themselves, the FITC conference this year turned out to be more about teaching then showing off. I was disappointed I couldn't attend more sessions.

Time to peruse the one's I couldn't see. Videos of the sessions have been posted!