Finished filming Mantracker episode

Non-Flash related post today. Just got back from filming my Mantracker episode. Not allowed to say much about it until it airs on OLN (In Canada) next year sometime. But rest assured, it's going to be a great episode!

Mantracker Crew


Well, I met my arch nemesis in person finally last night...

This guy has been a Freelance Flash Developer in Toronto for about the same amount of time as me (but a bit longer), travels as much as I do (but a bit more), works for the same agencies that I do (but for more money) ...

I hear his name all the time at meetings with PM's, I hear about how similar him and I are both in skill and personality, I hear how he and I go back and forth between who gets the better jobs...

Now that I have a face to the name I always hear, time for me to step up my game.

Must defeat evil at all costs!

Ad Servers are the thorns in my bits n' pieces

Have I ever told you about how much I really hate Ad Servers? Each on claiming to have the most perfect, most simple, and of course, propriety system of doing rich media banners. And each time a new one comes along, it's yet another way of uploading, approving, and setting up. And each time, it's learning new ways to code expandables, syncing videos, setting Shared Objects, and setting clickTags.

And it's always far from perfect. Either they don't support AS3, or you cannot preview locally and their upload system always crashes, or you cannot open more then one file at once (or worse, you have to open ALL files at once), or Safari doesn't show TLAs, or the they don't have their code set up in classes, or they never answer your emails when you come up with a question that they can't answer.

Do I blame Adobe for not having a system to make all this work in one way? Or do I continue to blame crappy Ad Servers for having such large egos?

End of rant.

Back to fulltime freelancing!

Well, after a year and a half in the political mess that is full-time Agency work, I'm finally back at my roots freelance Flash development. It's exciting to be able to work whenever I want again, but I'm finding it more difficult then I remember to motivate myself. Lets hope that it's like riding a bike...