Finished filming Mantracker episode

Non-Flash related post today. Just got back from filming my Mantracker episode. Not allowed to say much about it until it airs on OLN (In Canada) next year sometime. But rest assured, it's going to be a great episode!

Mantracker Crew

FDT Preferences Backup

I'm a backup freak. And it pleases me to announce that I finally found where the FDT preferences and custom templates are stored so I can back them up in case of disaster.

The first time I set up FDT, I spent a few hours making custom templates, and setting things up the way I wanted - Only to have it all disappear a few days later for some unknown reason.

Then it happened again last night.

But I found a commonality. I had deleted the default Workspace folder which I thought was empty. Turns out there are a bunch of invisible files in there which I found with OnyX.

I pulled the folder back using Time Machine, and my templates magically restored.

Wish it was a bit more obvious to find.


Just switched over to FDT from FlashDevelop because I was sick of using Windows on my Mac. So far I'm preferring FlashDevelop, but as I get around the little differences, FDT is slowly winning me over.

One thing that was annoying me was it wouldn't auto-fill my local variable names without typing "this." first. But a post I found Flash Mech gave a great tip to set up FDT's Code Assist to act more like I am used to in FlashDevelop.

Essentially, change your Auto activation triggers for AS in your Code Assist Preferences to:


This covers you for:
_ : property names
. : after every dot notation
: : data typing

I have also added in $ because I like to name my method scoped variables starting with a dollar sign.