FITC Toronto 2009 Videos are up

Unlike 2008, where it just seemed to be people only promoting themselves, the FITC conference this year turned out to be more about teaching then showing off. I was disappointed I couldn't attend more sessions.

Time to peruse the one's I couldn't see. Videos of the sessions have been posted!

AS2 Video NetConnection stays paused from within a Class

I hate these little gotchyas...

Haven't done AS2 in a while, and have been trying to get a Video object streaming an FLV. The following code worked from the timeline:

var connection_nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection();
_stream_ns = new NetStream(connection_nc);

But when put into a class, the video stayed paused.

Turns out if I move the"temp.flv"); line to it's own function within the class, and call it separately, it works fine. Having it in the same function I guess was just too fast for AS2.

So annoying. Let me know if anyone has found another reason/solution.Read more